Brian Escribano - Character Rigger and Pipeline Artist

Brian Escribano
Character Rigger and Pipeline Artist


I am a character rigger with over 15 years of experience working in Education, TV and Games. I have built world class character rigs and animation pipelines for companies such as Boss Fight Entertainment, Oddworld, Bioware, Nickelodeon, Mirada and Spark Unlimited.


I am currently seeking new opportunities. Please checkout my resume and my LinkedIn page to view the work I did in more detail if you are looking for a talented and passionate artist.


Shipped Video Games:

Mass Effect: Andromeda (Bioware: Released March 2017)

Dragon Age Inquisition – The Descent (Bioware: Released August 2015)

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (Spark Unlimited: Released March 2014)

Lost Planet 3 (Spark Unlimited: Released August 2013)



Here is a small sample of my contributions for each title as a Character Rigger and Pipeline Artist.

Video Game Reel

Oddworld: Soulstorm
Oddworld Inhabitants
Created rigs for miscellaneous props including minor animations. Polished rig and skinning on existing assets.
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Worked with EA's proprietary gaming engine: Frostbite to create the dynamic cloth and hair for Mass Effect. Skinned multiple characters and generated pipeline tools. Created a weapon rig script that was used for all weapons
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z
Spark Unlimited
Managed characters and mechanical rigs for fast paced combat. Created many work flow efficiencies and quality enhancements such a pure modular rigging system, Unreal matinee Creator for Maya, among supporting multiple departments with tools and support. Batch processing animations to updated skeleton. Worked in Motion Builder to integrate Ryu and Momiji animations into Ninja Gaiden Z. Helped managed the cinematics pipeline including the creation of APEX Cloth for the Yaiba and Ryu opening fight sequence.
Spark Unlimited
Managed over 70 male and female characters. This includes complex deformation rigging for face and body as well as adding animator friendly controls for key frame and motion capture editing. Created a "On Demand" Rigging system, XML base Pose Grabber with mirroring functionality, Python API Skin Exporter, among other tools for the animation and rigging department. I also rigged the leech, pack hunter, future VS, T-Energy post, including support for weapons and other Akrids.

Production Reel

Prevacid "Summer" Commercial
Modified character rigs and skinned multiple characters for 30 second commercial spot.
Created character rigs and skinned 5 characters for 30 second commercial spot
Character finalizer on existing rigs
Target "A Better Bullseye" Commercial
Created character rigs and skinned 10 characters for 15 and 30 second commercial spot. Including writing a Python Plug-in that is still incorporated into the pipeline.
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